Welcome to Leicestershire Willow

We are a small family business spanning 2 generations. We supply willow cuttings for biomass, screening, weaving, landscaping and ornamental use.

We supply many varieties of willow including Salix smithiana, various Salix alba varieties, Salix purpurea and Salix Triandra (black maul). These varieties all have different appearances and properties, making them suitable for a wide range of different purposes - please see our willow cuttings for sale page for more detailed information.

You can grow a supply of willows for use in craft projects at home or at school in an area as little as 2m x 2m and we can supply a complete kit for you to do this. You can grow an arch or garden arbour to cover a seating area, a tunnel to create interest in your garden or a den for the kids to play in.  These projects are all very straightforward and you will see the results much faster than with other types of plant due to the speed of growth of willows.

Perhaps you have an area of your garden that is less attractive than you would like, for example a compost area or where you keep the bins?  Willows can provide a fast growing and attractive way to screen such areas.  The leaves will drop off in winter to expose the colour of the bark and so provide interest all year round.

Willows are fantastic from an environmental point of view.  They are second only to Oak in terms of the diversity of insects that will live on them, and this in turn will attract birds into your garden.  If the willows are coppiced annually to produce a new flush of growth, they will continue to act as a sink for carbon dioxide and will help to reduce global warming.

All of our cuttings are grown in our own plantation in Leicestershire, and are freshly cut to order. In this way we can guarantee that they will reach you in the best possible condition to ensure your success with your project.

Willow cuttings can be planted at any time of year but success is much greater and establishment is much faster when they are planted during the dormant season between November and late April. For this reason we only supply cuttings during this time but pre-orders are taken and are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Whatever your willow-related project, please do get in touch for advice on the best varieties to use and how best to plant.

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